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#15: Assessing practical skills remotely

This is the second episode in a short series of conversations around how physiotherapy educators might adapt to the sudden requirement to run the programme fully online as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. The resulting closure of universities around the world has seen professional educators scrambling to get their programmes online as quickly as possible in order to allow students to keep learning.

The practical components of training, including teaching and assessment, have been especially challenging for educators to adapt, considering the diversity of internet access, device ownership, regulatory requirements, and other factors that influence when and how practical training might be achieved. This episode aimed to provide international physiotherapy educators with an opportunity to share experiences and ideas about how to assess practical skills remotely for anyone moving assessment online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two of our founding beliefs at In Beta are the benefits of collaboration between peers, and the power of digital technology to enable sharing of knowledge and experiences. It seemed sensible to try and facilitate sharing of existing knowledge and resources, to reduce, in any way we can, the workload for educators negotiating this pedagogical shift as they support their students and families in these extraordinary times. As part of this we’re also trying to collect and share relevant links and resources for physio educators moving their teaching and assessment online in a dedicated Google drive.

In addition to the audio recording you can download the text chat here.

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