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#9: Ask me anything 01

This is our first Ask Me Anything episode, in which Ben and I asked each other 3 questions that are somehow related to teaching in higher education, without any preparation. It’s been a while since we posted something so we thought we’d have a short, lighthearted and entertaining episode to start the new year. I’m not sure we succeeded on any of those points. However, we did solve all of the problems that were raised, so that’s something.

In this episode we talked about whether assessments and teacher-student relationship are even necessary (turns out that they are), whether teaching should be fun (as usual, it depends), whether spending less time on social media is necessary (possibly, but maybe it’s just that our self-control is lacking), and what our best teaching moments in 2018 were.

Also, if you’re going to be at WCPT in Geneva, you should definitely look into the possibility of staying on in Switzerland for another 2 days and attend the In Beta unconference in Lausanne on 14 and 15 May.

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