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#3: Clinical practice assessment forms

In this episode, David Nicholls from the Auckland University of Technology talks about their (relatively) new clinical practice assessment form, as well as the process of development and implementation. During the conversation, we move from the instrumental mechanics of how the form works to discussing how the deeper aspects of practice are informed by the social norms of the profession, and how these subtly influence the choices we make about clinical assessment.

Note: This episode follows a slightly different format in that it wasn’t so much planned as it was simply scheduled. Dave had mentioned that AUT had been through a process of reviewing their clinical assessment form and I (Michael) wanted to talk to him about that process. We only decided quite late that we would record it and release it as an In Beta episode, which is why we didn’t have the usual run-up and planning component.


Guest on the podcast

David Nicholls is an Associate Professor at the Auckland University of Technology. He is also a founding member of the Critical Physiotherapy Network (@criticalphysio) and has recently published The End of Physiotherapy.

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