#7: Cost and value in health professions education

In this episode, I talk to Stephen Maloney and Jon Foo on the topic of cost and value in health professions education. Steve and Jon are both associated with the Society for Cost and Value in Health Professions Education, an organisation that aims to advance effective and sustainable health professions education by increasing the evidence base for decision making, particularly with respect to questions around the cost of educational interventions, and the value returned as a result.

As educators, we have become fairly proficient in considering the educational impact of our teaching practices (value). In comparison, the resources required to implement these practices (costs) are rarely considered, and often treated as a separate consideration. In this episode, we discuss the main concepts around cost and value in the context of physiotherapy education and explore some of the implications for practice.

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Guests on the podcast

Stephen Maloney is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Department of Physiotherapy, in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. Stephen is also the Director of Education for Monash University’s School of Primary and Allied Health Care. He is also the Chair of the  Society for Cost and Value in Health Professions Education.

Jonathan Foo is a PhD candidate at Monash University. His thesis is on the application of economic evaluations to health professions education. Other academic interests include health/policy systems, professional regulation, and the future of work. Jonathan also works clinically in private practice.