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In Beta is a community of physiotherapy educators who are interested in the idea that most physiotherapy education is pretty dull and that there may be another way. The podcast is hosted by Ben Ellis and Michael Rowe, who were interested in creating a space for in-depth conversations on physiotherapy education. In Beta podcasts are chaired by someone who has done some initial preparation on the topic and who leads the conversation based on their own teaching practice and questions submitted by the community. A variety of guests who share an interest in innovative and critical approaches to physiotherapy education are also invited to participate. Michael and Ben try to stay out of the way during the interesting parts.

Ben lives in Birmingham in the UK, but is happy to acknowledge that Venice has the better canals. He spends an inordinate amount of time commuting to Oxford, which allows him to indulge his love of 90s britpop and podcasts. Ben is most happy when he is with his partner Emma and son Ethan, whether that is at home making elaborate models out of duplo, pottering about on a North Devon beach or braving the English summer at a music festival. He wishes there was more than one opportunity a year to carve pumpkins as he fancies that he could be quite good given a bit more practice. If he were to cook for you, Ben would probably make a smoked haddock and leek risotto, but he would hope you were happy to ignore received wisdom regarding fish/white wine conventions and team it with a bottle of Malbec. The list of things Ben wishes he did more of is exactly what you would expect of a white middle class Englishman in his 30s, including as it does; writing fiction, playing the guitar and running marathons. He holds his job teaching physiotherapy primarily responsible.

Michael lives in Cape Town with his wife and two daughters who constantly remind him that he is a “silly daddy”, which does nothing for his confidence. This may be why he reads a lot with the intention of learning how to be less wrong. He enjoys mountain biking and would like to do it more often but the reality is that mountains are steep and getting up early on the weekend is a hassle. He has completed 13 independent skydives and 2 bungee jumps. He has also wrestled a crocodile. His favourite thing to do is find somewhere quiet to sit and listen. Mostly to podcasts. When he is not binge watching Game of Thrones he is trying to figure out better ways of teaching physiotherapy.